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* Inquiry and Reservation of Yoga Psycho Counselling : (02)456-2156, 016-708-2156

This is a program to provide the special service of psychotherapy counselling with the help of yoga practices
based on Indian traditional theories and techniques. The programs like private counselling, couple counselling,
family counselling, group counselling, counselling for elderly person, counselling for dementia patients,
counselling for middle aged women, counselling for children, private yoga lesson for CEOs etc... are prepared,
and in some cases the co-guiding program by psychotherapy counsellor and professional yoga & meditation
teacher also are possible.
Important cases to be treated
The symtoms as follows can be treated in yoga psychotherapy counselling.
1) Psychological Problems : Emotional suffering, depression, languor, anxiety. Feeling difficulty to
express the inability and emotion in study, love and work. Continuous irrational afraid and worry
, meaninglessness. a feeling of emptiness, feeling of isolatedness. Deficiency of aim, value and ideal.
Impossibility of rest and play and impossible to release tension due to excess feeling of responsibility.
Can not have practical and possible aim of life. Can not have the feeling of responsibility. Unharmonious
relation with partner and children or father and mother. Can not have a friend or a lover. A feeling that my life
is totally out of control. A feeling that my life is totally depend on fate. Excessively controled life which is
gripped by etiquet and compulsion. Continuous and compulsive eating or the problem of impossibility of
eating. Psychosomatic problems in body.
2) Physical Problems : a feeling of helplessness, the control of the physical problems of the middle
aged women in the period of menopause, when one feels that physical pain and difficulty although hospita
l does not find the cause, the control of the psychosomatic diseases, the control of the condition of body and
the management of health etc...
3) Spiritual Problems : Conflicts between religions, the problems in faith, the problems related with
spiritual enlightenment, the problems related with ultimate aim and value of life, a feeling of fundamental
emptiness, the problems related with the fundamental solution of suffering etc...
Cost and Advantage
Although the fee for counselling and private lesson will be decided by mutual discussion in the first meeting with
the counsellor, usually the fee per a session(four weeks/ once per week x 50 minutes) will cost as 400,000
Korean wons, but two meetings per week will be possible with the same cost. The period of the counselling
will be decided through mutual discussion at the first meeting with counsellor. When a client feels difficulty to
pay normal fee or a lump-sum payment, please discuss with the counsellor.